Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Spirits using White Noise to communicate?

Did an initial test last night with the White noise Generator. Tried EVP's with it for 5-6 minutes not a peep other than the shhhhhhhh of white noise. Then grabbed phone and continued another 5-6 minutes asking questions with both the white noise generator and a Spirit Box app running. The app spit out myriad answers while the white noise generator just kept doing its thing spitting out white noise.

Is this conclusive? Of course not, the Phone apps are made as Novelties and while fun to use I don't consider them valid evidence. I'll have to borrow a Ghostbox/Spiritbox and try again soon. Will likely film this version.

Your mileage may vary.

from Brooklyn Ghost Hunters http://ift.tt/1U5UIyE

from Mad Mohawk Films http://ift.tt/1Ucotz5

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