Friday, December 9, 2016

Strange days are coming

Well it seems strange days are upon us. I was just reading a thread on a forum about the Amazon Alexa and her artificial intelligence. In this thread several gentlemen were lamenting that their partners, girlfriends , wives or just significant other are jealous of their Amazon Alexa.  It's a shame that so many are so terrified and so broken that previous relationships must've left them shellshocked courtesy of cheating lying and other fun things such as that,  that they are jealous of the voice coming out of a inanimate object. Then again it shouldn't be a surprise I guess since on a popular sitcom a few years ago one of the main characters fell in love with Siri. Strange days are certainly coming. Will Amazon eventually come out with the line of adult toys with Siri built-in  and of course the ladies line with I assume someone named Alex as the respondent. Have these people caught their partners masturbating while having Alexa read them erotica ?  That is something that the Alexa can do and I wonder if there is a literotica skill yet.  I can see it now the all new magic mirror from Amazon "Alex how do I look?"  And the disembodied Alex voice response you are truly the fairest in the land. Yes of course I'm joking but it's still still so sad that people are so terrified of a voice. What do you guys think ? Leave a message here on the blog and let us know please.    As for me I'm off to check for that litarotica skill :-)  have a great day folks   

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