Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Romeo Catchers mini review

The Romeo Catchers mini review  by the Mad Mohawk .  The Novel by Alys Arden ,  it's her sequel to the well received book The Casquette Girls another page turner just like the original. Neither seems like it's a nearly 600 page book. The book is over far to quickly  but you leave with a sense of learning so much about the characters and New Orleans itself especially the French quarter. Even if you don't watch the video and just read this blurb get the book. If your kindle user I think you can get the original and the Romeo catchers for under $10 for The Ebook editions.  If you want a signed copy those are not very expensive either,  places like Boutique Du Vampyre in the French Quarter have them for $15 or so. She has already gotten a start on book three and I can hardly wait. Please smack the thumbs up and consider subscribing.

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