Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Call of Duty®: Infinite Warfare KBAR Loaded Variant

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare KBAR Loaded Variant
The KBAR-32 is an fully automatic assault rifle unlocked at level 3. It has a fairly high fire rate of 731 RPM and an average damage profile. What's special about the KBAR-32 is that it has slightly faster movement speed than the other assault rifles. It has a movement speed of 96%. All other AR's have a movement speed of 94%. It has improved hip-fire spread as well. Due to these handling traits, the KBAR-32 can be considered a hybrid SMG-AR.

The Invective variant has a higher headshot multiplier but a lower damage multiplier to the limbs. It essentially gives the player a free Hollow Point, but at the cost of lower limb damage. However, it is not possible to add Hollow Point on to double the effect.

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