Sunday, December 24, 2017

SJ4000 Action Cam Converted to use C Mount Lenses

SJ4000 Action Cam Converted to use C Mount Lenses , took a $35 SJ4000 clone from China and adapted it to mount C mount Lenses on it. In the footage Shown I use the Fujian 35mm F1.7 C Mount Lens on the Converted Action Cam.This is an inexpensive new manufacture lens selling for about $25 on Ebay. The small Sensor on the camera gives you a 5.2 times crop value making this 35mm more like a 182mm Field of View. As you can see this was a fairly simle conversion requiring a $12 M12 to C mount adapter off Ebay also direct from China.In the past I'd swapped out the original 2.8mm lens from this camera with a 6mm with no IR block on it to allow Full Spectrum Shooting. I find this $35 SJ4000 cone the perfect platform for experimentation. Putting a C mount on this camer opens a world of possibilities with this camera for eliminating Fisheye and much more.
Pixco CS or C Mount Lens to M12 All-metal Lens Adapter

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