Thursday, July 19, 2018

Desktop Garageband on an iPadPro using Splashtop

Desktop Garageband on an iPadPro using Splashtop streamer and the IOS app.This is pretty amazing for a $4.99 app I must say. I did not test this extensively. I even tried it on a old iMac from 2006 that I’m running Windows 7 on and it works even on that tho Ableton plus the Splashtop Streamer coupled with its 2 Gig RAM is not a happy combo. The Mac has 16 gigs in it that I did this on. I totally forgot to try running the Mac with the Monitor off to see if I could run as a Headless server. This system is essentially your own Cloud computing system. Access your Mac and Windows PC from practically any mobile device or computer.
Download the Splashtop Personal app for your iPad, iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire, Windows tablet, Windows Phone, and of course Mac or Windows PC.

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