Friday, August 30, 2019

Gear Acquisition Syndrome

Got GAS? Yes I do, looking at the Modal Skulpt 4 voice Synth and Behringer Deepmind 12D and a few others......... but hold on a minute there Babalouie I’ll do all the thinnin around here. 

Skulpt is $299.99 for a 4 voice Digital Synth, Deepmind 12D is $600ish for 12 voice Polyphonic.

Basic iPad is $329 add Synth One and Still $329 with more voices and a FREE DAW in the form of Garageband. Add FM player and D1 for a few bucks more and have a huge selection of Polyphonic sounds. 

Sure an app isn’t as SEXY as a new piece of gear but it is easier to store and easier on the wallet.

Perfect example was planning to get either another Korg Volca FM or a Yamaha Reface DX to have more FM Voices to record with but THINK for a moment and remember I have FM Player 2(Clueless how many Voice Polyphonic it is) that is I believe at least 8 voice Polyphonic per instance.

So Glad I grabbed an iPadPro a while back. I’ve run multiple copies of D1 and FM Player 2 in Garageband and Cubasis with no issue and even controlled them with my Toraiz Squid Sequencer. It’s a brave new world for musicians with limited space.

from Mad Mohawk Films

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