Friday, August 5, 2016

Amazon vs YouTube

Good morning everyone, been collecting data for a while now on my #Amazon video account vs my #YouTube channels. The results are blowing my mind. The month of July the dozen or so videos I have on Amzon outperformed the 300+ videos I have on YouTube. Let that sink in for a moment. Yes Amazon is much stricter on content and requires subtitle files but it seems that at least for me Amazon is a better fit. I even have one video on Amazon that is exclusively on Amazon. I'd planned to keep it exclusive for 2 months. I'm thinking that I may keep it exclusive to Amazon. It's more of a long form video than most of my others. I'd LOVE to get on Netflix, Hulu, Google Play , iTunes and Vudu etc but one summit at a time. I've got the majority of my videos on Amazon set to watch #Free via #Prime or ad supported. Unfortunately ad supported is only for folks in the US right now. A few you can purchase or rent. Here's a list of some of our stuff on Amazon if you are interested. Thanks for stopping by enjoy the links below. Panasonic LX100 Best 4K Vlog Setup 2016 Takstar SGH-598 Shotgun Mic Quick look Paranormal Gear 3 ITC: Paranormal or Pareidolia These below are for folks in Germany, Japan and the U.K. German Amazon link Japanese Amazon link Uk Amazon link

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