Thursday, August 25, 2016

Yay Royalties!

 It appears our early retirement is assured!  We got our first royalty payment from Amazon this morning ,  The huge sum of four................ Wait for it ............. Cents for the month of May. Woohoo ! But seriously having shorts and films on Amazon actually seems lucrative. We seem to be making much more money per documentary, short film , how to etc  then we make with Google's Adsense.  Which is nothing to sneeze at,  so it's a great time to be a content creator and the 1-2 punch of Google AdSense and Amazon Royalties  you can make a living. It's now August and we've made a substantially higher amount of royalties then in May, thankfully it's hundreds of times what it was in May.  Yes Amazon is much more difficult to deal with, in fact recently we had a dilemma with several videos  regarding the cover art which hopefully has been straightened out finally. This will be a far cry from the one short we had there back in the May. Have a great day thanks for reading hope to see you again soon. 
Here's links to the Documentary in the image above. Viewable for Free in the USA via Ad support or via 
Prime in the rest of the markets Amazon serves. Enjoy!
ITC: Paranormal or Pareidolia USA link ITC: Paranormal or Pareidolia German Link ITC: Paranormal or Pareidolia Japan Link ITC: Paranormal or Pareidolia UK Link

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