Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Alesis Nitro and Apple iPadPro

Ok folks, as you noticed I’ve been messing with #Alesis Nitro DM7X and Electronic Drum Pads hooked to my #iPadPro. I’m able to play the Acoustic Drum sets in #Garageband. Synth sounds in #AudioKit FM Player. I had issues with the Percussion sounds like #Bongo and #Conga in Garageband. They ARE triggerable too. Happy to say that they simply map to higher #MIDI notes than the Acoustic Drums.

Here’s the list of MIDI Notes for you folks.

Cowbell - 56
Bongo - 60-61
Conga - 62-66
Maracas - 68-69
Blocks/Claves- 75

Triangle - 80-81 

from Mad Mohawk Films http://bit.ly/2SJOo7D

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