Wednesday, February 27, 2019

My Electronic Drum set starting to shape up

Now that I have the right L-Rod’s things looking better. Still awaiting a section of Cymbal mount and using the Roland PD-8 for hi hat at moment. Still have a DM6 Snare I could use as a Fourth Tom since I got a Mesh Snare. I’ve got 2 Pintech TC-10 Cymbal’s, 3 DM6 Tom’s a DM6 Snare, a Nitro Mesh Snare, DMHat Hi Hat pedal and a Simmons Kick Pedal That fires down onto a small pad. Yes the PD-8 and Nitro Mesh Snare are sharing 1 L-Rod in the photo. Not pictured is a Alesis Nitro DM7X Drum Module and the second Pintech Cymbal n mount. Check out our Music (Kwekwe Karu)on Spotify or whichever your favorite Music site is. 

from Mad Mohawk Films

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