Friday, April 29, 2016

12 Films That Have 'Perfect' Cinematography (According to Over 60 Critics)

What makes a cinematographer's work — the shaping of light, the framing of a shot, the movement of a camera — perfect?

Is it the way a DP uses the language of cinema? Is it the way they push the medium technologically? Or is it the way they use breathtaking compositions and color to transport us into a dream that goes by 24 frames per second? In an attempt to find some kind of common thread among the films most would consider to have "great" cinematography, Fandor's Scout Tafoya personally polled over 60 film critics and cinephiles, asking them to list 10 films that "feature their version of ideal or perfect photography." This is the result: 12 films that received the most votes.

Here's the list from the video:

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from No Film School

from Mad Mohawk Films

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