Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Why Shooting Reality-Fiction Blur 'Actor Martinez' was 'Like Being on LSD'

When you're making a movie about a movie about someone's real life, it's hard to keep truth out of the way.

Not even the filmmakers behind Actor Martinez can fully explain what's fact and what's fiction. The film-within-a-film stars Arthur Martinez, a frumpy computer salesman in Denver who dreams of making it big as an actor. Martinez plays himself as a film crew, helmed by indie directors Nathan Silver (Stinking Heaven) and Mike Ott (Lake Los Angeles), follows him around, poking and prodding and rearranging his mundane life to make art—while they, too, play themselves.

Martinez wants the film to launch his career as a genre star, but Silver and Ott have other plans: they're after some ineluctable truth that exists in the space between life and making movies. To jumpstart the action, they recruit Lindsay Burdge, an indie actress, to play both herself and (somehow) Arthur's new girlfriend. When Burdge arrives on set, she has no idea what the movie is, nor what her role entails—and as she soon finds out, neither do the directors. And that's the point.

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