Thursday, April 28, 2016

Shots Always Blurry? You Might Have to Calibrate Your Lens (& Here's How)

Do your images come out blurry every time you shoot? Don't worry, your camera isn't broken. The problem might simply be that your lens just isn't properly calibrated.

"Uh — what do you mean calibrated?" Well, to put it (very) simply, when a DSLR's auto focus software isn't adjusted correctly for the specific lens you're working with, you end up with shots that are out of focus. But guess what — Jay P. Morgan of The Slanted Lens walks you through how to calibrate your lens step-by-step in this tutorial:

It might feel like kind of a rip-off to drop a ton of money on a lens that won't focus every time, but consider the alternative — dropping several more tons of money on a lens that will focus every time. According to professional camera repair technician Wes Kauffman, camera and lens manufacturers essentially build imperfect camera/lens calibration into their products on purpose. Here's why:

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