Saturday, April 30, 2016

Digital Bolex Adds 2TB D16 Model & Hints at New Mount

Digital Bolex debuts a 2TB model of their vintage-inspired 2K camera.

While most cameras rely on media cards for their recording, Digital Bolex is doubling down on offering internal recording on their 16mm Digital Bolex cameras. The internal SSD was originally intended as a buffer for the available CF slots on the camera, but the designers saw the benefits in expanding the internal drive space to accommodate other shooting conditions. A 2TB drive will hold up to 6 hours of 2K (2048x1152) 12bit CinemaDNG footage and 8 hours of HD. They also hinted at an upcoming mount which they weren't allowed to reveal explicitly, but will most likely be Canon EF. They've also revamped the white balance settings. There is a deal for $1000 off when buying a 1TB MFT Mount Digital Bolex with a Wooden Camera cage, but act fast because the sale ends today, April 30th.

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