Saturday, April 30, 2016

MYT Works Unveils New Camera Support Systems, Including a Super Compact Skater Dolly

MYT Works had a bunch of interesting camera support systems at their NAB booth, including skater dollies, motorized gliders, and an overhead rig.

The company set out to design the smallest, most compact skater dollies out on the market, and they just might have with the Galaxy LPVR. The rail system comes with is non-proprietary in that it only requires an Allen key to tighten the brackets. They also demoed a motor system from their Glide line that you can utilize with the Galaxy LPVR, and also added a motor to their Constellation Slider that lets you set end stops, so you'll never go past a certain point when controlling the rig with a joystick. MYT Works also introduced their iPad software that allows you to control many settings on their motorized systems, as well as your camera.

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