Monday, April 25, 2016

Cooke Shows Off The Most Expensive Pair of Anamorphic Lens We've Seen Yet

Cooke's 300mm true front anamorphic lens along with the 35-140mm and 45-405mm zoom lenses are very cool and very expensive.

Andy Zou stopped by the Cooke booth at NAB 2016 for a tantalizing peek at some of their beautiful optics. First, we get a look at their latest 300mm true anamorphic lens, with a T-stop of 3.5. It is the only true anamorphic with that kind of range on the market. We're betting on renting it over buying, since its priced at $36,000. Speaking of expensive glass, we also got to check out their 35-140mm zoom lens with a T-stop of 3.1. That one will set you back a cool $60K.

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