Monday, April 25, 2016

Scythe - The Realistic Slasher Film latest update

Apr 25 2016


SUCCESS!! We past 40% over the weekend & 41%!

We are closing the gap! While we still have a long way to go, only 9 days to do it in ( I grant you it is a BIG HILL to climb), other campaigns have been a lot worse off than ours and still make it. Plus, I still have a few tricks up my sleeve to close the gap. The big run up happens the last 7 days, which is 2 days away, AND the last day when we are close where people really help out. A friend of mine's campaign was at $21,000 of his $30,000 and added $13,000 the last day! So it is very possible! 

A lot of you are doing wonderful in reposting on FB and Twitter. And we are seeing some pledges that way. In fact, I got $500 from someone who had his friend's friend's friend share it. So the reach is out there. Thank you very much for that! Here is where else you can help us out: Ask a friend for $5. 

We currently have 160 backers on our campaign. If each person would ask 5 friends to throw in $5, technically, we would instantly add $4,000. It's pretty easy and I have seen other campaigns do it in the past. It's actually amazing how well it works as most people don't mind throwing in $5. 

All of you have been very generous in helping us out and you believe in this project. If you ALL simply ask a few friends for $5, you'd be surprised how fast pledges roll in. So, give it a shot!

Tomorrow, we will be doing 2 PERISCOPE shows. The tag is still ScytheJim. During the show, we will talk about the project, answer questions from fans, make special EXCLUSIVE deals to anyone who tunes in and have HAND DRAWN ART to auction/pledge off about halfway through each show. I will be on at 4pm with Andrea and at 7pm with Jose and Robert. So it should be fun!

Keep the faith everyone! We'll make it!

from Mad Mohawk Films

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