Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Fraunhofer Alliance's New Software Should Take Care of Your Nasty DCP Issues

From Fraunhofer Alliance comes easyDCP, a software that enables you to create professional Digital Cinema Packages.

Most filmmakers who have gone to screen can attest that creating the DCP (Digital Cinema Package) is a nightmarish process best not left until the last minute. DCP is a very strict standard, and many have run into issues getting their movies to screen properly without a professional finishing house. While anything less than a professional DCP is not always recommended, sometimes you need a solution that won't cost a few thousand dollars. EasyDCP provides a set of tools that will allow a professional colorist to finish a DCP out of Resolve or to use a standalone package to not only create DCPs, but evaluate the fidelity of DCPs received from other sources. Fraunhofer Alliance declined to discuss their prices on camera, but they are available here.

The pricing is prohibitive to someone looking to simply make one DCP, but the software could be a good investment for a professional colorist or small post-house looking to consistently work with DCPs.

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