Friday, April 22, 2016

Cinema Devices' Innovative Antigravity Rig Takes Your Camera to New Heights

The never-before-seen Antigravity Rig from Cinema Devices was one of our favorite innovations at NAB 2016.

The design of the rig attaches a gimbal to a vest via a series of tubes, pulleys, and bands, bringing a rare 0-to-10-foot vertical range to a freely moving camera operator. It is essentially suspending a gimbal from a (dual) jib and attaching it to the operator's body, transferring the weight to the torso instead of the arms (thus the "anti-gravity" moniker), simultaneously isolating movement along the Y-axis.

Creator Adam Teichman's goal is to "open up a whole new world of production values for every level of production." The Antigravity Rig holds up to 40 lbs and will sell for $10,000; a separate accessory package is priced at $4,500. The rigs begin shipping in July.

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