Friday, April 8, 2016

Scythe - A Realistic Slasher Film

Update on the Kickstarter

WE CROSSED $10,000!!!!
We Crossed $10,000!!!!

We have crossed $10,000 in 3 days!! Ladies and gentleman this means we are successful already! Kickstarter says that if you cross $10,000 within your first week, you have an 81% probability rate of hitting your goal!!! Nice!!!

But, we can't let up!!

That's why today we have a SPECIAL FRIDAY DEAL GOING ON!!

Pledge $75 & get the SCYTHE CAP.....FREE!!

Obviously you all have generously donated, so please help us spread the the word!

The $75 package comes with a autographed copy of the script, a Blu-Ray DVD, download of the short, commemorative postcard....and NOW YOU ALSO GET A HAT!!

2 already sold today so spread the word and help us out!

1/5 there! 1/5 there! 1/5 there!

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