Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Head-Turning Stabilizers of Came-TV Including a 15' Crane That Looks Like an Accordion

"What — is this?"

Those are the words that came out of our very own Ryan Koo's mouth when checking out what Came-TV had on display at their NAB booth. To answer his question — duh, it's a 15' accordion crane that can handle a 33lbs. payload.

But that's not all Came-TV had to offer. David Wong showed off the Came-Optimus, a hybrid 3-axis gimbal that can be detached and operated with one or two handles or on a jib or crane. It supports up to 2.6 lbs, and has a battery life of up to 10 hours. For larger cameras like the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, Came-TV has the Came-Prodigy, which supports up to 13.2 lbs. Availability is set sometime in the next two months. And let's not forget the Came-Sailfish, which is essentially a gimbal mounted onto an RC car.

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