Friday, April 22, 2016

Matthews Debuts the Superstrong Infinity Arm & Low-Profile Dutti Dolly

Matthews showed off two new pieces of grip and camera gear this NAB; the low-profile camera platform Dutti Dolly and the articulating arm that supports a 20lb payload, the Infinity Arm.

The Infinity Arm was developed originally by Sage Seb, a filmmaker who had Kickstarted the project in 2014 before then being acquired by Matthews. It features a locking mechanism with rosette teeth for strength, but also a quick-release function for the head, which can come in differently-sized tips. It can support a payload of up to 20lbs and will retail for around 300$.

The Dutti Dolly was developed by James Saldutti, a seasoned grip who wanted a lower-profile solution to production needs. Machined out of a single piece of metal, it features a built-in Mitchell mount and several other accessory threads. The Dutti Dolly's skate wheels can also ride on both round and right-angled track.

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