Friday, April 22, 2016

Sound Devices Updates the 688 Mixer & PIX-E5 Interface Firmware

The audio equipment company continues making it easier to get clean audio from larger groups of people.

We got a taste for the scale of Sounddevices recording ambition's last year as they introduced the 688, a 12 input 16 track portable mixer. Now they've introduced a firmware update that makes the powerful device even more unique.

The update includes an RF Scan, which plots out a graphical plot of the RF signals in your environment so you can avoid areas where the levels are high, thus avoiding any potential interference. It also makes the 688 the first field production location mixer to include a setting for the Dugan algorithm. In lay men's terms, it means the mixer detects speech levels and opens and closes microphones accordingly.

They also introduced the SL-6 accessory, an integrated wireless receiver and pairing distribution system which bolts directly to the recorder, so you don’t need external audio cables anymore. For the PIX E-5 monitor, a firmware update will allow simultaneous pro-res and H264 recording.

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